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I found a vblog on Youtube that expressed what I have been feeling for a long time very well.


Here is the vblog:

my relationship with my body


I thought he was talking about me!

Although I am not as hairy as he is, I have a pair of hairy legs which was the target of ridicule when I was in high school.

I don't remember thinking that was something I had to "fix" like he said on the video but definitely the ridicules made me feel like an outcast and different.

I seriously didn't need those ridicules on top of what I was experiencing at the time. I remember wondering why life was so unfair to me.


The difference between him and me is that he is trying to be okay with his own body and be comfortable in his own skin while I am still not there...?

WTF, right?

He is only 23 and he is way ahead of me!


I'm sure there are more people out there still suffering from their own self-image.

Not only the body that would reflect one's self-image but voices and mannerisms could also be a trigger for many ridicules in schools, workplaces, or even in your own home.


I guess, at the end of the day, no one has a control over what other people would say or think of me.

The control I have is what I think of myself and how comfortable I am with myself regardless of what other people think or say about me.


When I free myself from all those negativities and embarrassing self-images, I guess I could start to laugh at jokes and learn to take constructive criticism about myself. But...


If I am not there yet, will I ever be able to do that?

Free myself??