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Words of Wisdom from "Schitt'$ Creek"


Hi y'all

It's a long weekend here in North America.

Labour Day weekend.

It's official.

The end of Summer is here...🤬🤬

Time surely flies, doesn't it.

It's already September.


Where did Summer go?🤷🏻‍♂️

But in the midst of our busy lives, we should remind ourselves to stop for a moment and not only enjoy but also reflect and appreciate our lives.

How can we do that?

Take a look at this clever video made by Jessica Mielke, who has put together some words of wisdom from one of my favourite TV shows: "Schitt'$ Creek".



These are some awesome and profound life teachings in this video, aren't there.

Which one of them struck your cord??


1.People aren't thinking about you the way you're thinking about you.

You know I'm so selfconscious and really don't like being in public sphere...

I need to keep telling meself this when I'm out and about, don't I.


2. Don't waste your time thinking about those human vultures.

Yep. We've got better things to do!


3. Small minds don't reach for the stars.

This is brilliant, ain't it though.


4. If a cute guy that walks into your store is enough to unravel your whole relationship, you're better off knowing that now than any year from now.


This is so true though.

We don't wanna hear that but so true.


5. Never let the bastards get you down.



6. Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now.

You may currently think "oh I'm too spooky" or "nobody wantsto see these tiny boobies but believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes and say "dear god. I was beautiful"

I'm not so sure if I'd ever be this blatant but fantastic if you are!


7. You will soon learn, we aging mortals are blessed with weakening eyes and memories so that we really don't have to see ourselves.

Such an educational moment this is.


8. My husband and I were very close friend for 52 years.

Awwww! Hallmark moment!

This is how we all want to grow old ain't it.


9. Sometimes in life and in love, risks must be taken. One never knows what may happen.

Another educational moment.

10. When it comes to matters of the heart, we can't tell our kids who to love.


Preaching to a choir sista!


11. She made her decisions. You're going to make yours and they are going to be different and they are going to be great.

I wish someone had to tell me this when I was doubting my decisions...


And this one is my favourite.


12. "I see where you're going with this."

"I do drink red wine.

But I also drink white wine.

And I've been known to sample the occasional rosé.

And a couple summers back I tried a merlot (that) it used to be a Chardonnay which got a bit complicated."

"Yeah, so you're just really open to all wines."

"I like the wine and not the label. "

So profound and brilliant, ain't it.

And why is that? I get teary watching this video lmao.

Have a great weekend, y'all!