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Hi y'all ☆
It's been a while since I wrote an entry in English, so here it goes.
I'm distraught whenever I think about this.
My favourite on-line couple "Robron" will be NO MORE by the end of this year.
The producer of Emmerdale finally confirmed that Ryan Hawley, who has been playing "Robert Sugden" for the past 5 years, is leaving the show at the end of this year.

You know "The Sun" first reported this news, and I was like "No Way! Who'd believe what The Sun reports? I surely won’t!"

But then a month later it was confirmed by Emmerdale…


Many Robron fans aren't happy, but we all love both Danny (who plays Aaron Dingle) and Ryan equally and wish the best for them.

What everyone is guessing now is his exit story line.
There are now many theories floating around amongst fans as to how Robert's exit will unfold.

He will commit suicide.
He will be on the run from the law for murder.

He will be incarcerated for murder.
And so on...

I'm not so sure how they are planning this exit storyline.
But one thing is sure.

Robron No More😭

I was so afraid that Danny might also leave the show when I first heard the news.
But recently Danny refused the rumour and announced that he is NOT leaving the show in his usual funny way.
And this is what the producer, Laura Shaw, recently teased.

...big scenes for Aaron as he struggles in the wake of Robert’s departure.
But there are more twists to come in the final chapter of Robron before that plays out.

It seems like this year's Super Soap Week will be the beginning of Robron's demise.
Awwww, I don't think I'm ready for it yet.
Will I ever be ready for it?!