Auntie Kの日記



Deep in thought


I catch myself in deep random thoughts these days. More often these days. I can't really remember what those thoughts were about most of the times
I guess it's an another sign of getting old?
But it's not a good place to be in mentally, I don't recon...
I find nothing interesting and am interested in nothing. 
Someone tells me a joke or what happened to him/her that is supposed to be funny, I don't find it remotely funny but everyone else around is laughing their head off. 
I don't mind going out and socialise so I do go out with mates or to house parties.
But I really don't want to talk to anyone. I'm happy just listening to them although I don't find anyone or anything interesting enough to engage in the conversation. 
OMG I'm such a wanker, aren't I. 
I'm sitting in the seat on a train looking at myself in the window and wonder why I'm like this these days. 

Oh! I care about one thing!

Robron on Emmerdale!!!