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It's a bit windy this morning, but the forecast says it will be a great day with the temperature going up as high as 27 ℃.


Okay, something in me has changed ever since I watched VBlog of a gay couple. I have watched many vblogs on Youtube, but their vblogs affected me the most.


I didn't know who they were. I just thought that they were another gay couple who was open to sharing their thoughts and lives to millions of strangers. Little did I know... One of them is a singer-songwriter and record producer, and the other is an actor.


They are Blue Hamilton and Matt Dallas.

Many Japanese might recognise Matt from "Kyle XY".

They have been posting their vblogs since last year so rather new. But during this year and a half, their lives have changed so much. And you can watch their journey on their vblog although they are bits and pieces of their lives.


Many things they say or do in the videos had struck cords in me over and over again. Reminding how good I have it. Whatever "it" might be... Career. Home. Family. Health. Really whatever "it" might be.  


Nothing is perfect, of course. But unquestionably, it could be worse, don't you reckon?

Please watch this vblog, and you know how daft, nutty, cute, and happy they are!


You can't watch them without simles on your face!

What a great family, innit?!

And that is the family I want to create for myself, too.