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Oh well...

Hi ya!ハートHoliday's Greeting, y'all!!ハート

Many people are taking days off for the next few days but I am at the office working...汗

Not that I am not complaining or anything.

Just saying...

At least, I should be able to leave earlier than usual todayチョキ


I was mindlessly watching this clip and that clip on YouTube a few days ago.

(again or as usual, whatever you want to call it, lol)

I ended up at watching the clips of a radio show in Japan.

Harry Sugiyama, was he?

Anyway, he was the main DJ and Shelly, (was she?), as his guest.


I don't know either of them really but Shelly must have been born in the States or grew up there.

She spoke both Japanese and English amazingly well.

So did Harry but he spoke British English.

Such a shame to admit but their Japanese was much better than mine.

Well, it's not that their Japanese are "better" but more like they knew more modern (?)... nah... more recent and popular idioms and terminologies. When they have no problem with the pronounciation, they sound much younger Japanese than I do. I guess they ARE younger than I am.

They use words that I don't understand or haven't heard before lol


They were discussing the differences between American and British English.

I usually say "knackered" instead of "tired/exhausted" and "fancy" instead of "like (fond of)/interested".

I sometimes use "tea" instead of "dinner/supper"...

I laughed when they talked about the use of "piss" in US and UK.

This IS really mad, ain't it!

Once you get used to it, it's simple but still sounds weird in our ears.

You see, for me "Pissed = drunk" and "Pissed OFF = upset".

But let's say for my husband, "pissed and pissed off = upset".

And "Wazz" would be equivalent to what "Piss" means in US. (or in North America maybe?).

I know, I could have chosen words like "take away" (=take out) or "a que" (=a line) but we all go to the loo, don't we.

Alright enough me blabbering, I'm off!