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Wk 35-2023 Workout Diary

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Au Debut

From last weekend, I’ve been experiencing a sudden high blood pressure and the headaches from it.

I’m not sure if I can train as hard as I did for the past 2 weeks but we shall see.


  • Incline Bench Chest Press : 45lbs 1 x10, 65lbs 2 x10
  • Seated Shoulder Press : 10lbs 4 x10
  • Seated Cable Row : 60lbs 4 x10
  • 5 Min Bike Ride


  • Superset
    • Flat Bench DB Chest Press : 40lbs 1 x10, 50lbs 2 x10, 52.5lbs 2 x10, 55lbs 1 x10
    • EZ Bar Bicep Curl : 55lbs 5 x10
  • Superset
    • Incline Bench Cable Chest Press High-Low : 120lbs 1 x10, 140lbs 5 x10
    • Incline Bench DB Bicep Curl : 20lbs 6 x10
  • Superset
    • Decline Bench Leg Lift : 4 x12
    • Plate Twist : 25lbs 4 x12
  • 5 Min Bike Ride


  • Superset
    • Incline Bench DB Bicep Curl : 25lbs 5 x10
    • Overhead DB Tricep Extension : 35lbs 5 x10
  • Superset
    • EZ Bar Standing Reverse Curls : 70lbs 5 x10
    • Flat Bench DB Skull Crusher : 25lbs 5 x10
  • Superset
    • Cable T-Bar Bicep Curl : 100lbs 5 x10
    • Cable Rope Pull-down : 140lbs 5 x10
  • 5 Min Bike Ride

Notes to meself

I wasn’t feeling that great on Tuesday morning.

As soon as we began lifting I felt a massive pressure building at the base of my skull and started feeling a pounding headache.

I felt dizzy as well so we stopped for a while to relax and decided to just move some muscle with breathing to calm the system.

Wednesday’s training was alright but didn’t push it too hard.

Just enough to feel the tension.

By Friday, I was feeling much better but still had headaches so took some pills and did workouts with low intensity.

Bi-Tri workouts were just good enough to feel the pump without causing much pressure going to me head.

My doctor told me that he believed it’s caused from muscular stress and suggested to go to Chiropractor and Massage therapist to relieve the tension in the neck area.

The doc made an appointment with a Chiropractor already for me so I will be seeing the guy next Wednesday.

I’m looking for a good massage therapist for this weekend but it’s hard to find anyone this short notice.

Oh well, it will happen when one way or the other 😉

Let’s just hope next week’s training will be back to normal❣️

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