Wk 29-2023 Workout Diary

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What a weekend!

I had been drinking and eating shit since last Wednesday nonstop!

This week’s workout has to kill me or else‼️


  • Superset
    • Incline DB Chest Press : 47.5lbs 1 x10, 55lbs 1 x10, 60lbs 2 x8
    • Seated Cable Row : 120lbs 3 x10
  • BB Bench Press : 75lbs 1 x10, 95lbs 1 x10, 115lbs 1 x6, 135lbs 1 x6, 155lbs 1 x4, 185lb 2 x4
  • Down-the-Stack Cable Lat Pulldown
    • 1 x120lbs x8, 110lbs x4, 100lbs x4, 80lbs x4, 70lbs x4
    • 2 x140lbs x8, 130lbs x4, 120lbs x4, 110lbs x4, 100lbs x4, 90lbs x4, 80lbs x4
  • Isometric Pec Fly: 100lbs x4 2 send hold at top
  • 5 Min Bike Ride


  • Sit Squat : 45lbs 1 x10, 75lbs 1 x10, 95lbs 1 x8, 115lbs 1 x8, 135lbs 1 x6, 155lbs 1 x4, 165lbs 1 x4, 185lbs 1 x4, 205lbs 1 x2
  • Leg Press : 135lbs 1 x12, 225lbs 1 x12, 315lbs 3 x12
  • 5 Min Bike Ride


  • Superset
    • Standing BB Shoulder Press : 45lbs 1 x10, 65lbs 1 x8, 75lbs 1 x6, 85lbs 2 x6
    • Standing DB Shoulder Press : 20lbs 4 x8
  • Superset
    • Dip : Bodyweight + 10lbs 3 x8
    • Reverse Grip Chin-up : Bodyweight 3 x8
  • Superset
    • Skull Crusher : 65lbs 2 x10, 75lbs 2 x10
    • Standing Hammer Bicep Curl : 30lbs 3 x10
  • Superset
    • Tricep Rope Extension : 45lbs 3 x12
    • Zottman Curl : 17.5lbs 3 x12
  • 5 Min Bike Ride

Notes to meself

Finished another week of fantastic training.

My squats are getting stronger and legs started to show some muscle definitions.

Now that’s exciting change‼️

I still hate to do dips but now Eric puts 10lbs chained under me and says “Oh you look like you can do them with 25lbs. K, next time we’ll do that” 🤪

Guess I will be doing more dips with weight.

Eric suggested we start hitting legs twice a week to get them stronger and I’d like that, too.

In 2 weeks, I’d have to take about 2 weeks off from workout because brother-in-law is getting married and the mother and father in laws will be in town as well.

Let’s see how I survive next month or so😆

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