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Wk 22-2023 Workout Diary

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Au Debut

Eric, my trainer, is out on vacay so Sasha and Michael will be training me this week.

These young lads are athletes themselves so the training can be interesting.

Eric told me that he already wrote down the programmes so we just pick the weights depending on how I’m feeling on that day.

Would be an interesting week❣️

Tuesday (with Sasha)

  • Superset
    • Flat Bench Dumbbell Chest Press : 52.5lbs x10, 55lbs x10, 60lbs 2 x10
    • Seated Cable Row : 120lbs x10, 135lbs 3 x10
  • Superset
    • Incline Bench Dumbbell Chest Press : 52.5lbs 4 x10
    • Seated Cable Lat Pulldown : 135lbs 4 x10
  • Superset
    • Cable Pec Fly (Low to High) : 20lbs 4 x12
    • Back Extension : bodyweight x12, 10lbs x12, 25lbs 2 x12
  • Superset
    • Internal Shoulder Rotation : 20lbs 3 x12
    • External Shoulder Rotation : 7.5lbs 3 x12
  • 3 Min Bike Ride

Wednesday (with Sasha)

  • Sit Squat : 95lbs x8, 115lbs x8, 125lbs x8, 135lbs x8, 155lbs x8, 160lbs x8
  • Leg Extension : Drop set, reps 8-8-6 for Internal, External, and Neutral
    • 110lbs x1, 90lbs x1, 80lbs x2
  • Leg Curl : Drop Set, reps 8-8-6 for Internal, External, and Neutral
    • 65lbs x1, 60lbs x1 50lb x2

Friday (with Michael)

  • Superset
    • Barbell Shoulder Press : 65lbs x4
    • Dumbbell Side Shoulder Raise : 7.5lbs x1, 10lbs x3
  • Superset
    • Dumbbell Front Raise : 10lbs x4
    • Back Fly : 70lbs x4
  • Superset
    • Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curl : 22.5lbs x1, 25lbs x3
    • Cable Overhead Tricep Extension : 160lbs x4
  • Superset
    • Incline Dumbbell Curl : 22.5lbs x4
    • Cable Pushdown : 100lbs x4
  • 3 Min Bike Ride

Notes to meself

I was totally wiped after Tuesday’s workout.

I needed a fuel so I shortened the bike ride to cooldown in three min instead of 5.

Need to take a sip of that shake‼️

Sasha kept pushing me saying “oh, you are strong enough to do them”😆

By the time, we finished Leg day on Wednesday, my legs were dead. Seriously dead.

Even on Friday, my legs were still sore from Wednesday’s workout, so that proves it was a great session indeed.

It was with Michael on Friday.

He is also a masseuse and I had a massage with him after the workout.

So he challenged me a little bit more than before which was alright.

I could have gone a tad heavier but didn’t have the energy on that day.

Both Sasha and Michael were surprised at my progress from February when I started to workout there.

So happy and satisfying when the acknowledgement comes so naturally that surprises me.

Tap on me shoulders, right⁉️

Now I’m off to Dominican Republic for vacay but let’s hope I continue to workout while I’m there, too🤞


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