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2 OUTS with Château Laurier (Ottawa)

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Au Debut


Another long weekend.

Our social calendar was White. Blank. Clear. Nada.

So, we decided to drive up to Ottawa again and stay at the infamous, “Château Laurier”, and avenge the last stay.

Our luck

Shouldda known.

They sent us an e-upgrade offer but our luck would have it.

When we arrived, no mention of the upgrade…


But wait!

Didn’t they just charge $409 for $263 room???

I got buzzed a little to be honest

They give us the upgrade and to surprise us, the front desk clerk didn’t mention of this, right??

As we walked into our room, what we found was…

“downgraded room”⁉️

So rude

Okay, you can tell me that I just have a chip on my shoulder.


But almost everyone agrees that it IS true that people treat us differently because of the colour of skin, for being an Asian, Hispanic, or Black or whatever.

And that’s what happened.

Alright, at least so ” I ” felt.


So, when we walked into our room, it was just a regular room.

There was nothing wrong with the room.

Perfectly fine room with a king bed in the middle of the room.

Very nice room indeed.

Just no view.

A tiny window on one side of the room 😆

Holiday Inn offers a room with much bigger WINDOWS for less money.

But I digress…

When I walked up to the front desk, the attendant was very short and rude.

Without even looking at me, she told me that she was serving someone else and there was another person in line.

Well, excuse me?? I didn’t see anyone in front of her serving nor a single queue in front of the counter.

I just said that to myself…

Fine, I let that go and I created a queue.

I stood there and waited for the next available attendant.

My luck would have it.

I had to talk to this rude attendant.

She was so rude to me to a point that the way she was talking to the previous lady she was serving and the way she talked to me were day and night.

Am I nitpicking here?


But even the way she was standing changed!!!

If she was standing normally straight up when she was talking to the previous lady, as soon as I stood in front of her, the weight of her was on one side of her body with a sigh.

I shoulda given her a pack of gum.

With her blonde hair, that would have been a complete look of her rudeness.

Oh but that sigh made my twat in a bundle 😤

But I digress…

Explanation or lack thereof…


This rude attendant explained to me that there was a $100 deposit charged on top of the actual room charge with tax.

This much we already suspected BUT I was already ticked off with her body language.

Well now.

Shouldn’t they have to explain this when we first check-in regardless of how busy they were?

AND in regards to the e-upgrade…

All she said was ‘no’.

Many people must have been offered this e-upgrade and the email confirmation says…

You will find out if you are upgraded when you arrive at the hotel.

How would we find this out?

I guess if you weren’t told you didn’t get one.

But I digress…

I digress…

Sounding very petty and pedantic here so I’ll stop whining about this around here but seriously…

I really didn’t appreciate the body language of her at all.


That was her name.

With the price this hotel charges and the brand/name, “Fairmont Château Laurier”, people will expect certain treatment from the ‘Professionals’.

At least a fair one.

I mean 4-star hotel should concern their cleanliness a little bit more.

At least, this was gone by the next morning…

This is 2 outs for us with this hotel.

Let’s see the third time will be the charm.

Or will there be a third time?

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