My blogs


I first began blogging way back in early 2004 or 2005.

It was one of the way to communicate with my friends back home in Japan.

It was easy to post photos with a little note and blabber about it more over the phone.

I’d like to assume my family read them too but surely they didn’t give a …

So yeah I’ve been blogging in Japanese for a long time.


I have used many platforms for blogging.

Mini-blog platform called Mixi was very popular and this was before Facebook.

Gawd, I’m showing me age aren’t I.

I can’t remember how many of them I used but Ameba was the one I used the longest.

Then moved onto Hatena, and finally reached to WordPress.

Tada ~ ✨

I still have Ameba and Hatena blogs but they are all redirected to my WordPress site.

I try to update my Japanese blog every day and of course as per, I miss a day here two days there.


Mini-blog was so popular in Korea, too, in early 2000s? I had that famous “CyWorld”, too.

Now I have a couple blogs in Korean but they’re mainly photos with a few lines in Korean.

And I post something new only when I remember that I even had them.

Now that I mentioned, I should go on over there and post something new … or not.


How often am I going to update this English blog…

That is a question for you to wonder and for me to ignore…

I just haven’t decided yet…

Oh well, A+