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Au Debut

I first began blogging way back in early 2004 or 2005.

It was one of the way to communicate with my friends back home in Japan.

I found it interesting and fun to post photos with a little note and blabber about it more over the phone.

I’d like to assume my family read them too but surely they didn’t give a …

So yeah I’ve been blogging in Japanese for a long time.


I have used many platforms for blogging.

Mini-blog platform called Mixi was very popular and this was before Facebook.

Gawd, I’m showing me age aren’t I.

I can’t remember how many of them I used but Ameba was the one I used the longest.

Then moved onto Hatena, and finally reached to WordPress.

Tada ~ ✨

I still have Ameba and Hatena blogs but they are all redirected to my WordPress site.

I try to update my Japanese blog every day and of course as per, I miss a day here two days there.


Mini-blog was so popular in Korea, too, in early 2000s? I had that famous “CyWorld”, too.

Now I have a couple blogs in Korean but they’re mainly photos with a few lines in Korean.

And I post something new only when I remember that I even had them.

Now that I mentioned, I should go on over there and post something new … or not.


How often am I going to update this English blog…

That is a question for you to wonder and for me to ignore…

I just haven’t decided yet…

Oh well, A+

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