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Shovelling Snow = Injuring Back

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It’s March but still winter in Québec, Canada.

We just had 15 – 20 cm of snow dump … sigh

When that happens, we have to shovel the darn thing to clear the path to the front or side door…

State of our side door

Our side door was blocked by the snow like this…

Buried in the snow are our garbage and recycle bins.

The door won’t open either.

Shovelling it away

It was Saturday morning.

I knew I had to shovel the snow away.

It was burying our side door and them bins.

And the hubby was leaving garbage bags that are full of trash in the garage…

I didn’t want to but had to do it.

After half an hour of fighting with them snow, I finally saw the path to the side door.

Hurt my back

While I was clearing the snow, I hurt my back.


I couldn’t stop in the middle of clearing the snow, so I pushed on.

Pushed on I did….

Now I can’t even stand up straight …

So much pain sitting, standing, or even lying down…


My gawd.

Thanks to “Tiger-Balm”!!


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