Winter Storms

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Winter in Québec

Yeah, we all know it’s flipping winter and we get loads of snow in winter over here.

We just had 15-20cm accumulation over the weekend but this flipping useless white fluff and slush is coming down sideway now.

Let me go home!

Parking lot

This is the parking lot of my office building at 17h30.

There was no snow just about an hour ago…💢

As per, the highway is qued up for a few miles…


I really don’t like hot weather so this is tolerable.


People stop being idiots and drive like drunk horse on snow!

Like at this twat

We’ve got a few more months of this white shite…

Let’s stay safe everyone.


いいね または フォローしてね!

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    • Chiyo chan!
      Thank you for leaving the first comment (^_^)
      We’ve been buried deep in the snow but doing alright.
      And of course, we’re very careful when we drive, especially in the stormy weather.
      Thank you again for your comment!