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Well, for over 10 years, I have been going to the gym regularly.

Stupid Covid changed that for me.

And yes, that’s my sorry excuse, alright?

Hurting my knee while shovelling snow was another one.

The constant pain pulled down my mood and motivation.

December 2022

The new year was about to start and was scrolling through photos on instagram mindlessly.

Mostly guys with great physiques.

Of course, I’m not gonna have that sortta physique.

But I remember thinking to meself, “gotta get back to me routine”.


I usually avoid looking meself in a mirror.

Seriously hate how me face, me body, about everything about me.

I guess I was rushing to get ready to go to a friend’s house for Christmas party when I decided to get back to routine definitively.

I saw meself from a side in the bathroom mirror.

HORRENDOUS!! HIDEOUS!! My gawd I’m THE cringelord !!


So I joined a gym where I can train with a personal trainer.

Yep, it ain’t cheap but that will definitely force me to go every session, won’t it.

Even if that’s a false or mis-guided motivation, I’m making the first step to get back me routine.

Well so far I’ve been going 3 times a week.

Let’s hope I can get back to me routine without paying this much money.


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  1. chiyokama says:

    I found out you started working out for your body. Worried about your knees.
    have a nice day.

    • kevin auntie7 says:

      Thanks for the comment, Chiyo chan.
      Me knee isn’t well but alright for now. I’ve got a trainer for that so let’s hope it gets better soon.