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This restaurant is inside Château Vaudreuil located on the shores of Lac des Deux Montagnes.

It’s about 30 – 45 mins away from downtown Montréal.

Restaurant Villa Elina

Oh my gawd!

This was a fantastic date night we had in a while.

Ambiance, food, wine, services… All were near perfect.

Only thing that wasn’t perfect was the price tag of the dinner but I digress…

Here are what we consumed this night:

Oh boy, that wine!

Baguette and Focaccia bread were so fresh and they were not too strong in taste nor smell.

※ Well, we were one of the first guests of the evening so let’s keep that in mind…

Jamón and fig brought us back to Barcelona… We wish we were there right about now…

But my favourite of the night was this Mezzi Paccheri and Burrata Cheese with yellow tomato purée.

Can’t explain well so you’ve got to believe me or else, go on over there and try it yourself 😉

We both loved this dish and the volume was big enough that we could have had it as our main.

The actual main was alright but we were so wowed with that pasta.

We needed something better to end the night on a fantastic note.

Of course, we each had Espresso Martini and Tiramisu to share.

Our bill was over $400 with tips 😵

But we enjoyed this restaurant so much that we would like to come back again.

(not near future but soon enough like in 5 years?!?!?!)


We did waste our money again but gotta live y’a know?!

We just had quite a week right before this date night spending time with my dearest hubby’s parents, so this was to give ourselves a little summat for the job well-done.

I’m not looking at my bank account for another month or so….

Please, anyone pay my credit card bill??


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