Quick trip to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


For my 51st birthday (which is in April), we decided to take off to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

We’ve once drove through there quickly back in 2015 and ever since then, hubby wanted to spend more time there.


We stayed at this B&B located right in front of the pier.

The best location EVER!!

So close and can walk to everywhere…from a cafe to restaurants.

Highly recommend.

Blue Rocks

About 10 – 15 min drive from Lunenburg, you will find this small village of gem.

Right smack to the ocean and a waitress who served us at our favourite restaurant recommended us to drive by because the area’s so pretty.

Cafe No.9


This cafe was our hangout every day.

Of course, their coffees were great but the atmosphere was outta world.

Serene, calm, hip, and cozy.

The Beach Pea Kitchen and Bar

This was our favourite restaurant in Lunenburg.

We ate there a few times in a week we stayed there.

    They get really busy so I recommend to reserve a table in advance.

    We tend to eat early but we mades sure to reserve every time we visited.


    There are more restaurants and pubs that we loved but can’t and won’t go over every one of them.

    Get yourself a ticket and go on over there. Or drive if you dare (we did that, too).

    Porter tends to offer cheaper flights but Air Canada does offer deals every now and then.

    Seriously, we loved the area so much so that we have been seriously looking for a deal in real estate.

    Of course, when we want, you can’t find. Bloody Murphy’s law again.

    For now, it’s a dream but who knows yeah?