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Au Debut

Here I go again.

After blogging in Japanese for a long time, I finally decided to blog in English, too.

Why now?

Well, I forgot to switch off the auto-renewal of this domain “Auntie-k.com”, duh.

Yeap I’m such a twat, aren’t I 🤦🏻‍♂️


I was using this domain for a Japanese blog platform called Hatena blog.

I moved that blog to WordPress and cancelled blog hosting service with Hatena.

But I forgot to un-tick the auto-renewal box of the domain because it was a different service provider and needed to go to that service provider’s website to do it.

Lazy arse me. That’s right.

To avoid the same mistake, I’ve moved all services to SiteGround.

And that’s where my sites are hosted now and all my domain management is done at the same time.

One place for all services. Well done, me! 🤣

SiteGround wasn’t too expensive and oh boy they respond to your questions very quickly so yeah I’m very satisfied.

I can also host multiple sites so I thought why not to create a new blog in English.

I’m not sure what I am going to blog about or how often I’ll update and I’ve got absolutely no idea who tf would read this crap but here I am.

I’ll just blabber like I always do.


Alright, now we sortta cleared why I decided to create this site, shall I begin blogging about something and nothing?!

Like I said, I seriously don’t know how often I will be updating this blog so there.


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